What is the average price of Levitra ?

It is an impotency drug which is the third most preferred medication among the people. It is also relatively very cheap compared to other ED drugs in the market. The price of Levitra would vary from one place to another. In this blog, we have mentioned about the price of the pills in few pharmacies.

Price of Levitra

The price of Levitra not only varies from one country to another but it is also based on the dosage strength.

You can get the medication with the dosage strength of 20mg at the rate of $508 in average for 10 pills through health warehouse. In the case of Kroger pharmacy, it is possible for you to get the same number of pills with 20mg dose at a rate of $509.

People who prefer Walmart has to pay $512. 55 for 10 pills of the medication with the dosage strength of 20mg. CVS pharmacy is known to provide the pills at a price of $519 approximately for 10 pills with 20mg dosage strength.

When you check this, you can know that there is a slight variation between the prices that are sold by these pharmacies.

In case of online pharmacies, it is possible for you to get the medication cheaper. In generic pills online site, a person can get 10 pills of the generic version with 20mg dosage at the rate of $28. Here you would be paying only $2.80 for a pill.

Now, compare the price of drugs sold in an online pharmacy with the offline sites. You can see a huge difference. With the money been spent at an offline drugstore, you can go about buying levitra with fast delivery from online for a year in a bulk quantity.

Is there any way to lower the price of Levitra?

It is possible that you can lower the cost of this erectile dysfunction medication. Some of the ways that can be followed are using coupons and discounts. The average price of the medication would still be very expensive for many patients.

If you are one among them then you can go about getting a coupon for Levitra. This can be procured both online as well as offline. Produce it to the pharmacy and lessen the price of the medication. Depending upon the coupon it is possible to get 10 to 20 percent discount on the medication.

Levitra VS other ED pills

As we mentioned earlier, the drug can be purchased at a cheaper rate compared to other ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis. The average price of Viagra for a pill would be $60. Even the price of Cialis is more or less same. The advantage with Levitra is that even those who were unsuccessful with other ED pills can be benefited.